Lonnetta Grant

Dancer/Acro Dance Instructor

As a mother of two children and a graduate with a degree in Criminal Justice, the dance instructor , Lonnetta Grant has dedicated her youth towards teaching her students the art and craft of dance and movement.

Lonnetta Grant (Miss Lonnie) has dedicated her youth towards teaching her students the art and craft of dance and movement. Lonnetta Grant prioritizes teaching her students the art of dancing as her top-ranked precedence. Her passion for dancing is embedded in her childhood days which progressed to her adolescence days. Lonnetta Grant also has been recognized as a professional youth advocate, and she is looked upon as a motivator and inspirational teacher by her students. Her passion and enthusiasm for dancing compelled her to start a dancing Program. Dynasty Arts and Movement in 2013, to teach the art of dance to her students and to help them build confidence through dancing. As a professional youth advocate, Lonnetta Grant gives transformational and motivational speeches to her students and followers.

Lonnie holds an extended range of records and certificates that are relevant to dancing. She has received vigorous training from leading dance institutes that includes The Washington Ballet, Joy of Motion, R’Mar Dance Studio, II Extreme Hip Hop Company, and many more leading dance institutes to name. Lonnetta is familiar with several genres of dancing, and she excels in all of them. She has received training in ballet dance, acrobatics, hip hop dance, African dance, modern dance, and contortion and tap dance. Lonnie specialty is Acrobatics and Contortion, which she is currently certified through the Acrobatics Arts Curriculum. With her many years of teaching this genre she takes utter pride in working with her students to teach them the art and safety of Acro dance.